BabyTel Config For Siphon

I finally found the way to configure the Siphon iPhone App to place and receive calls on the the iPhone through Babytel.

I installed siphon using Cydia, but it should work with some other methods.The cydia one is nice because you can do VoIP calls over 3G Edge. I haven’t tried it though.

settings_siphon.jpgIn your Settings:

Before even thinking of configuring Siphon, you need to have your babytel account setup for multiple devices. They will give you the sip password and that capability for 5 $ a month. You then have the freedom to use whatever device you want to place and receive phone calls. In my opinion it’s well worth it, as you can use any SIP compliant softphone on a computer and the wide array of cool and slick IP phones around.

  • The Username should be your phone number with the “1” prefix. For example 15145555555
  • Password is your sip password
  • Server is

Siphon SettingsIn Advanced settings

  • Reg. Timeout should be: 3600
  • Proxy Server:
  • Auth. Username is the same as your username
  • Enable NAT if you are behind a NAT.

In Network settings

  • You can toy with the ICE settings if you have problems connecting through NAT
  • If you allows the use of 3G or Edge to palce and receive calls, make sure you have a proper dataplan. You’ve been warned.

Enjoy, you should be connected

Siphon Main Interface

The program has to remain open to receive calls. I also found  that you need quite a lot of bandwith. The codec used is probably not that efficient.

My next two articles should be about configuring speedtouch modems and The Fring Software with Babytel

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