It was a fun run while it lasted

As many of you are aware of, I’m a really devoted customer of Teksavvy, my internet provider.

But now, you can say I “was” one of their customers. I was for almost ten years and it was awesome. They were the first to allow me to have my own servers, no port blocking, decent bandwith and most of all, a 5 IP addresses subnet !

However, in the last years have been having more and more trouble with the Bell infrastructure side of my connection. I’m sure they are somewhat sabotaging reseller accounts so it’s a living hell for customers. Packet Loss, transfer of my connection to far away DSLAM, throttling and most of all lack transparency from the techs and the company itself are just a few reason who pushed me out.

Bell instead of rolling DPI (Deep Packet Inspection, a process to lower p2p speeds), should have upgraded their network for growth.

I switched to Videotron Business service and I can’t wait to see what the service will be.

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